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How to Use a Weight Bench Guideline

The weight bench is a kind of equipment that you can find in every gym. Maybe weight bench looks like a simple construction but it is one of the most efficient training apparatus. If you want to build big triceps and firm chest, this exercise machine will be your best choice.

Do weight press regularly and you will see how easy shapes of your body will change. Add more kilos on the road and progress on your workout day by day. Your body will look extremely well and you will win the attention of the opposite sex.

Are you an experienced user of training apparatus? If you want to start exercising right now, you should do it!
Do you know how to use a weight bench? Here we will tell you how to utilize this training device effectively. There are few rules that you should always follow if want to get a great result.

Who can use a weight bench? Everyone who wants to look attractively and grows his chest and triceps muscles. Body builders and power lifters, of course, use this exercise machine every workout at the gym. Women who want to keep fit and perfectly shaped body also can do exercises on the weight bench.

Bench press

The bench press is the basic exercise on the weight bench. Start exercise when you lay comfortably. Choose a bench that suits your shoulder’s width. A Too narrow bench will be unstable. Too wide one make workout ineffective because your arms will not get tired.

Start your exercise with pressing barbell without any additional weight. Let your body feel this burden. Add rubber dumbbells as many as you can press. But put extra weight after every exercise repeat. Make every movement carefully. Keep your temp and listen to your body. You should feel a bit tired but not exhausted.

Extra dumbbells exercises

You can use weight bench not just for working with a barbell but also with dumbbells. Work effectively to grow muscles on your chest, triceps and biceps. There are few exercises that you can practice lying on the bench.

First of all, you can press the dumbbells. It works as productively as you do it with the rod. Bench dumbbell pullover is very effective for all muscles that are involved in the process.

Triceps Dips

If you know how to use a weight bench, you can make your workout highly-efficient. For example, you can do Triceps Dips. This is one of the simplest moves but it brings you result that everyone can see.

It is known that triceps muscles area is difficult to tone and work out but exercise at the bench can help you a lot. The power of muscle’s resistance can be changed by placing the feet at different levels higher or lower.

Train your legs

Are you looking for the great leg shaper? You need to know how to use a weight bench and make your legs look perfectly. There are two basic exercises. First of all, you can use weight bench for Step Ups. Just put legs on the bench one by one and step away from the floor.
Repeat these easy moves 3 times with 15 steps on every leg. The second exercise is an Explosive Jumps. With every new move you warmth up your legs muscles and improve shapes of your body.

Abs workout
Do you dream about abs of steal? You can have it if you will train your body regularly. Instead of moving to a floor you can complete your crunches lying on the weight bench. So how to use a weight bench for the abs workout? You should hold a bench with your both hands laying on it. Extend your legs up in the air and move it back to your chest.

Warm up your body
Before starting a workout, you should always warm up your body. If you start your training from pressing heavy weights, you can injure your muscles or tendons.
Be patient to your body and never try to overextend yourself. Extending muscles of your arms, back and shoulders are a right way to start your training. To warm up, your shoulders take two dumbbells and standing with weight, curl the dumbbells in each hand from down to about 75% up and bring it down again.
You should repeat this process two or three times. Choose a weight that suits you the best.

Put feet on the floor
You should always take your feet on the floor or on the bench depending on the exercise you are working at. But you should never put your feet in the air.
It is a wrong idea and it will not bring you any profit. To be rewarded from every exercise you should keep your feet flat on the stable surface. In another case, you will make wrong moves and even can hurt yourself.

Change angles and positions
You can work on improvement on different muscles group if you change the angles of the weight bench. When you change a position of your body, the main burden will move from the chest to the shoulders.
So how to use a weight bench effectively? Exercises on a flat bench will help to reach your overall pectorals. Use inclined bench and you will get warmth up the upper pectoral muscles. Choose the declined bench to improve the lower part.
Moreover, this exercise influence on the triceps because they are also involved in the pressing weight process. Engage every your muscle in the training process.

Ask for help
When you are pressing, big weights don’t be shy to ask for help. Let someone watch you doing complex exercise and help you if you have overestimated your abilities.
Traumas at the gym often happen so better ask for help or don’t press heavy rod at all. You can always find someone in the gym who will help you to do exercise efficiently and save your bodies from falling barbell.

Grows your muscles
Even if you are pretty sure how to use a weight bench right, you should never forget to drink enough water and make little breaks between every exercise and repeat. Water is essential liquid and it is needed to maintain normal work of muscles.
Don’t expose your body to dehydration if you want to have good health. Let your shoulders and back relax between difficult exercises on the weight bench.

Final Verdict
So we can make a conclusion that weight bench is an effective training apparatus. With the help of it, you can build excellent musculature of your chest, triceps and biceps. Moreover, you can use it for improving shapes of your legs and abs.
But you should always remember simple rules such as warm up before you start or drink enough water. It will make your outwork safety and will never harm your body. You will tone your muscles and will look sportive and attractive.
If you know how to use a weight bench, you can make your whole body look perfect.

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