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Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench Review

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Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench Review

A weight bench is popular to all when that shows good service. Yes, if you want to attractive your body and make good lifestyle, you should take a good weight bench. Of course, that has to the best weight bench for home otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Oh, this is the Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench, which is so comfortable. Its construction has been built very nicely and features incline, decline and flat positions designed with stitched cushions for relaxing. If you can’t get comfort, you mustn’t want to use that.

But! I will say, this weight bench will give you good results.
For long life, it has 2.5-inch steel frame or uprights with heavy duty and sturdy as well as deluxe boxed, stitched cushions.

Deluxe Lat Tower! Know? Of course, that isn’t. The weight bench included to Deluxe Lat Tower or Preacher Curl with storage stands which attach to the rear of the bench and has adjustable uprights for multiple uses. Moreover, you will get more information from this Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench review.

Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench Review

Whom is the product designed for?

  • Your daughter
  • Interested to burn the calorie
  • To get well gym workout
  • A patient who is permitted by the doctor

Feature of Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench

Lat Tower

Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power BenchWith storage stands which attach to the rear of the bench, it has deluxe lat tower, and preacher curl accessories included to it. Even the weight bench also comes with leg lift attachments. Lat tower is so easy to use for screw-in pins. To the point of assembling the lat pull down and back bench, instructions are very clear for assembly.

The late works very nicely and seems unstable but when you keep your weight, which works very well. This is a part of the Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench.

Ease of Use

Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power BenchAccording to instruction, you can adjust easily by all parts and easy to build. Its package is a good shape and well wrapped. The bench has lots of options for different workouts for configuring. To tighten all the connections down and ensure that you follow the directions, it is important that.

Assembly isn’t difficult, and that is straightforward as well as equipment is really good. You might be thinking, how is easy for you. I think, there is no need to tension because Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench has easy instruction and for that, you can use it easily.

Good Quality

Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power BenchWith some good materials construction, this is a budget bench and seems solid. All parts are very well, and its bolt and screws are very stability. Even it has been built on foam pads, and then you can remove your knees pain. Moreover, the lat tower is the best addition.

The Phoenix 99225 Mid bench is so solid bench, and you can enjoy your entire family. For durability and long life, it has a heavy duty bench with sturdy 2.5-inch steel frame or uprights. Even this weight bench has deluxe boxed, stitches cushions for comfort.

This weight bench is one year warranty.

Multipurpose Bench

Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power BenchFor multiple uses, the weight bench has adjustable uprights allow so that you can exercise in different parts of the body.

This weight bench has multi-seat so that you can comfortably exercise and has a multipurpose weight bench with incline, decline and flat bench positions.

The Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench provides relax workout that’s like a professional gym.

High Quality Exercise

Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power BenchYou can exercise on the almost part of the body, and the weight bench is good enough. The seat can use more positions between horizontal and vertical. With stitched cushions designed for comfort, it has an incline, decline and flat bench positions and has heavy duty weight bench that can use standard or Olympic bars.

The equipment of this weight bench looks at very well and appears solid. By all these features, you can get high quality exercise.

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The Pros
⇒ Very sturdy and comfortable
⇒ Lot of options for a workout
⇒ Clear instructions
⇒ Easily setup
⇒ Lat tower works well
⇒ Pretty solid bench
⇒ Standard weight bars
⇒ Standard weight bars
⇒Adjustable upright
The Cons
⇒ Poorly positions front leg shoulders
⇒ Leg extension is too low
⇒ Doesn’t work lat power

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Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench Review FAQ

Q: Is leg extension too low?
A: If you are too short, your leg extension can’t reach.

Q: Why doesn’t work lat power?
A: The incline bar sits about 2 feet behind your head. As a result, there is no way to pick it up.

Q: Can this weight bench hold standard, size weights and not Olympic?
A: Yes, you can use standard weights that allow of Olympic weights.

Q: Can’t figure out seat assembly please explain?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: What length bar is ideal for this bench?
A: That isn’t confirmed. But you can use 6” standard weight bar.

Final Words

The Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench provides innovative, supportive and others to guaranteed exercise and it have an outstanding value. The beginners can use it easily without any problem. Because it has instructions is so clear, for this they can use it easily.

On the whole, I imagine that you have understood about the best weight bench. Actually, I don’t write Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench Review for impressed for you. I created a team for researched then I got this Phoenix 99225 benches gives good exercise and bring a happy life. Not only that, I checked it by my brother, that is good or not then I ensured, this weight bench won’t be disappointed to you.

If you want to select, you should think more and more because the decision is yours.

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